Electric Bike Workshop Videos

We asked Lloyd to demonstrate how to set up your new Kalkhoff electric bike and carry out the simple adjustments that will make your ride more comfortable.

These videos will also help you understand how maintain your bike in the long run.

Episode 1 Unboxing your bike and getting started

How to extract your new electric bike from its box and prepare it for riding. 1min 30 secs

Episode 2 Basic adjustments

How to adjust the handlebars for comfort, fit pedals and charge the battery. 7 mins 49 secs

Episode 3 Modes of operation

Putting the battery back onto the electric bike and how to switch between power assist modes. 2 mins 51 secs

Episode 4 Adjusting the saddle

Everything you need to know about setting up the saddle. 2 mins 22 secs

Episode 5 Removing Wheels

How to remove the rear wheel. 5 mins 43 secs