Electric Bikes for Businesses WIP

Electric bikes have the power to improve how your organisation works as well as how individuals get around

We've been supplying e-bikes for businesses from the start. One of our first ever customers was the owner of a London photo agency who saw how an electric bike could help him move between shoots across the capital, with all his equipment and at speed, but without having to worry about finding a parking space or getting stuck in traffic. The advantages of mobility, flexibility and low operating costs have not been missed by the very many businesses we've served since then.

If you're business or organisation is curious about how an electric bike or even a fleet of them could boost efficiency, improve your employees' health and well-being, take your carbon footprint down several sizes and ultimately increase your profitability, please contact us. We have the best electric bikes in the business.

The University of Oxford

We were asked to supply an electric bike as a retirement present to the Director of the Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford. His colleagues had collected a sum of money for this retirement but were "stumped" when it came to question of what to spend it on. Upon asking him what he would like, he immediately said one of our Kalkhoff electric bikes which were able to supply in time for his retirement. If someone you know is coming up for retirement, a top-of-the-range electric bike could be the ideal gift.