Responsive & sporty Road, Mountain and Commuter e-bikes from Giant, one of the World's leading cycle brands, all powered by a new generation of motors. 


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Giant Electric Bikes have been woven into the 50cycles story from the start. The first electric bike one of the founders ever laid eyes on was a Giant Lafree spotted on a London street around 2000, which sparked the first investigations into what they are and what they can do. The Lafree was one of the first crank drive bikes and was popular for a time thanks to its Panasonic centre motor, rugged reliability and hill-climbing power. However, after Lafree production ceased and their availability dwindled, the gap in the market was quickly filled by 50cycles Kalkhoff range. Many of our customers had a Giant Lafree as their first electric bike.

We couldn't ignore this season's developments though. The latest generation Giant electric bikes are superb, bringing back a new, more powerful Yamaha centre motor, integrated batteries and must-have designs.

A very responsive and sporty selection of Road, Mountain and All-Rounder e-bikes from Giant, one of the world's leading cycle brands, all powered by Yamaha's latest generation of centre-mounted motor.

The Road E+ electric road bike, with distinctive drop handlebars and fully integrated battery, is a very fresh development with a keen geometry, excellent distribution of weight and fantastic integrated power.

At the rough and rugged end of the spectrum the Full E+ full suspension e-mountain bike combines Giant’s massive travel for smooth handling on rough descents and punchy hill-climbing power from the Yamaha X94 central drive, which produces an astonishing 80Nm of torque.

In between are the Prime E+ range which will hand city streets, tracks and trails, taming hills and headwinds. You'll travel in comfort and with with confidence.

Giant Technologies

The Giant system consists of four key innovative technologies that work in unison with your own body’s power output—a seamless extension of your own capabilities.

Most powerful support. Up to 80Nm of torque, gives instant power and high power at low speeds. You’ll enjoy every second of the ride while this high-performance SyncDrive motor delivers a quiet and comfortable riding experience. With front shifting allows an extra wide gear range. This gives the opportunity to climb hills and steep trails in a more efficient way while wasting less energy for both the rider and battery. The high-performance SyncDrive motor produces proportional and linear support. This means the power is instant and feels more predictable.

Giant's new battery technology has 25% higher energy density, which means 25% greater range than most batteries of the same size and weight. Watt hour rate abattery’s energy content and gives you an idea how far you can ride. Our 500wh EnergyPaks gives the rider the power to cover greater distances. EnergyPaks are purposefully designed to fit perfectly with Giant E-bikes, featuring with harmonious rounded corners that give them a high-quality, elegant look.

The torque sensor measures the amount of power the rider is applying to the pedals. The motor then replicates the natural riding style, adding assistance when needed. The PedalPlus 4-sensor technology. Maximizes energy efficiency for both the rider and the battery system. The PedalPlus 4-sensor technology measures the amount of force a rider is applying to the pedals. The SyncDrive motor reacts by producing instant aneous support, creating a smooth and powerful riding experience.

The ergonomically designed control buttons let the rider control the support level and display with comfort and ease. Added flexibility and convenience for charging up the battery system. The walk assist mode makes it easier to wheel the bike along with you while walking.

Giant Road Bikes
Giant have designed a beautiful electric road bike that looks and feels like a road bike. From the world’s leading aluminium frame engineers the ROAD E’s geometry and weight distribution with integrated hybrid power take you into the fast lane. Great for commuters with it’s ultra ­reliable 500Wh Lithium Ion battery and astonishing 80Nm of torque form the compact X94 SyncDrive from Yamaha.

Designed for commuting, road sports riding with that little bit of help to reach the thrill of high speeds with a helping hand.

Giant Mountain Bikes
Once again a great looker from Giant, their full suspension electric mountain bike has enough travel to float over the roughest, toughest terrain. Featuring a full 140mm of front suspension and 130mm of fully active SmartLink rear suspension. The Yamaha X94 central drive’s high torque with the Shimano tried and tested XT ten speed gears gives you more power to climb and keep climbing.

Trail adventure just got more exciting. Smooth handling and agility help you tackle steep climbs and rough descents on the most demanding trails.

Giant Activity Bikes
Giant’s modern take on a classic city bike. The Ease-E+ offers the comfort and style of a traditional bicycle with added power. They tame the hills and headwinds and allow you to embrace the future of unrestricted cycling. Enbracing this technology isn’t about not pedaling, it’s about going further, faster. It’s about climbing hills you wouldn’t normally be able to climb. Eat up the miles on these comfortable,elegant but sporty bikes to yet unexplored areas and enjoy all the beautiful things the world has to offer on a bike.