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"Many thanks once again to all the team at 50cycles particularly Charles at the Shoreham branch, superb service as always from you and the rest of 50cycles. I can’t recommend you strongly enough. I purchased my electric bike just over 3 years ago and have done nearly 4 thousand miles on it. It has got me back on the road again enjoying life after a serious ankle operation.

To anyone out there considering an e-bike, just get one and don’t forget to purchase it from 50cycles, their advice and back up are second to none. I ordered a new charger for mine and received next day delivery at no extra cost. WELL DONE! In this day and age it’s reassuring to see that there are still Companies and people who really care. Many thanks once again."
Des Johns, Penzance, Cornwall.

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Popular topics people ask us.

What size bike for me?

The bike industry has different ways of sizing, Road & Trecking bikes from Mountain bikes. We've bought the sizes together into two separate standardized sizing charts that are by no means perfect.

Road and Trekking bike sizes


Mountain bike sizes


How can I track my order?

Bikes are usually despatched on an overnight courier service. As soon as the bike is dispatched you will receive an e-mail with a tracking Nº

Track and trace your delivery with this link to TNT

What does an electric bike weigh?

The weight varies from model to model and between sizes, but they weigh between 22kg and 25kg including battery. The batteries themselves weigh 3 to 3.5kgs depending on the capacity.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries on most of our models are rated to give 1,100 full charge cycles before the battery is depleted to a 60% capacity level. A full charge cycle is from empty to full, so if you partially charge your battery after a short ride, it will take several such charges to count as one full charge cycle. e.g. if you regularly charge when the battery still has around 80% left in it, five 5 such charges (topping up the remaining 20%) will count as a full charge.

Modern E-bike batteries are very advanced with new technological advantages like the electronics inside the battery go to sleep when not in use, preventing the battery discharging in storage, which can irreparably damage other batteries.

Can I return an item that has been used?

If you have purchased an item, unfortunately, we cannot accept returns outside our returns policy. If you have placed the order with 50cycles we will only accept items to be returned in an unused, resalable condition when you return them.

What pressure should the tyres be inflated to?

The maximum tyre pressure for most models is 65psi, but Road and Trecking e-bikes can be pumped up between 40-60 psi. Whereas E-MTB's are more like 20 psi. Normally the tyre pressure guidelines are usually found on the tyre's sidewall.