Speed E-bike Registration Process

1. Order the bike. (Riese & Müller’s HS bikes come with a Certificate of conformity. Dealers will have this shipped with the bike. For bikes manufactured this year they need to meet the new regulation – 168/2013/EU, as R&M HS bikes do).

2. Order the forms at http://forms.dft.gov.uk/order-dvla-forms/ . You need:

i) a “New vehicle import pack – Application to register a new imported vehicle for use in the United Kingdom” (V267) and

ii) a “V55/4 - Application for a licence for a new motor vehicle and declaration for registration”.

This takes five to ten days.

3. Bike arrives.

4. Complete the V267 & V55/4 (information is taken from certificate of conformity). If done as a company you will need to include a bank statement and/or utility bill and a copy of corporation document. If completed as an individual you’ll need to include a bank statement and/or utility bill and a copy of driving licence/passport.

5. Send completed forms, ID (as detailed in 4), a cheque for £55 made payable to DVLA & the original certificate of conformity to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BE.

6. Await the return of the V5C (approximately 2 weeks).

7. Check vehicle tax at http://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/  (it is exempt, so free).

8. Order a number plate. http://demonplates.com . They require a copy of your driver’s licence & V5C registration document.

9. Purchase insurance. Bikesure is approx £135 for the third party only, while Quoterack is around £200 for fully comprehensive.