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  1. BESV TRB1 Urban
    BESV TRB1 Urban
    Best electric bike I've ridden in 2018
    The Winora Yakun has been my favourite electric bike since adopting one last Summer. It's been very good for day-to-day journeys, errands and rides. I like its power, speed and robustness.

    My head has been turned though by this newcomer from BESV. What's really striking is how very quiet it is. Even when assisting at full speed there is barely a murmur from its Brose centre motor. Another advantage over the Yakun and any other bike, come to think of it, is its enormous battery capacity. It offers 50% greater range than the 500Wh battery on the Yakun.

    I also really like its looks and road presence. I feel safe and secure. Relaxed even. Absolutely brilliant bike, well worth booking a test ride on this one.

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1 Result