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  1. BH ATOMX CARBON Lynx 6 Plus Pro-Eagle
    BH ATOMX CARBON Lynx 6 Plus Pro-Eagle
    The future is now – exclusive test of a brand-new E-Bike
    Motor & Battery
    The Brose Drive S Mag – the most recent development from Brose – offers a convincing ride on the trail. With 90 Nm nominal torque it pushes on powerfully without feeling loutish or unruly. The assistance is smooth and consistent, though definitely noticeable. The compact motor is a little louder than its sibling the Brose Drive S Alu , but it’s still more than acceptable. The 2.9 kg motor produces 90 Nm torque and offers up to 410% assistance – a level of support that is quite noticeable out on the trail. The little powerhouse pushes you up steep uphill sections effortlessly. Above the 25 km/h assistance limit this motor is also great. The motor decouples completely meaning there’s absolutely no resistance to pedalling.

    A particular highlight of the BH Atom-X Carbon is the large 720 Wh battery! The battery is inserted into the frame from the top, a detail which explains the unique design of the frame. Riding frugally and in perfect conditions (wind, tyre pressure, ascending), it should be possible to achieve ranges of up to 100 km. The battery was developed by BH-Bike and given its large capacity, is relatively compact compared to its competitors.

    We’ve seen the display fitted to the BH Atom-X Carbon before. It offers nicely saturated colours, high contrast, is easy to read and, apart from its exposed position, offers excellent performance in the real world. This small computer also allows you to tune the assistance levels and characteristics to your personal preference. While the exposed position of the display is a bit of a misstep, we love the sharp, bright display. It effectively communicates the most important data that you’ll need whilst out riding. The different support levels – Eco 30% (green), Eco+ 50% (blue), Sport 70% (orange) and Boost 100% (red) – are indicated by colour and the remote also vibrates in response to switching mode.

    If you use the Ebikemotion App, you can connect your smartphone to the display via Bluetooth, allowing you to navigate with the display, and get vibrating notification via the remote when your mum sends you a funny video on WhatsApp.


    Comfortable and long-lasting fun!

    The Brose Drive S Mag motor provides the BH Atom-X Carbon with excellent riding characteristics. The motor provides powerful, silent assistance on the trail. There’s plenty of power available to push us out of the corners and swoop up short inclines. The riding position is comfortable and not too aggressive, and the 720 Wh battery lets us go for extended rides and expeditions with ease. We’re not talking about easy riding on forest tracks here, we’re talking about extended rides on demanding trails and rough terrain. 720 Wh provides more than enough juice for rides over 50 km without having to ride frugally but staying on the highest assistance mode instead. That’s quite nice!

    The stiff carbon frame of the BH Atom-X Carbon provides a solid ride and great handling. Paired with the powerful Brose Drive S Mag motor, you’ve got an incredibly dynamic E-Trailbike. The fully integrated 720 Wh battery makes long rides possible and, in our view,, that increased capacity is a step in the right direction. More battery does mean more weight, and we hope to see that reduced in the future.

    If you’re looking for a quality carbon frame, unique design, comfortable geometry and a dynamic ride, then we can absolutely recommend the BH Bikes Atom-X Carbon to you.

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