GPS Tracker Module


  • Bicycle location accurate to within 10 meters
  • Route tracking
  • For Atom BH1, Atom Brose and AtomX models
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Product Description

GPS Tracker Module

The BH Bikes GPS Locator unit kit is the perfect anti-theft system. It allows the user to locate the bicycle at any time.

Its seamless integration into the bicycle means that it can only be accessed by the user and, because it is controlled using the BH Bikes Locator app, it is easy to configure.

Its features include:

  • Bicycle location accurate to within 10 meters (outdoors, using GPS).
  • Route tracking of the bicycle, configuring its connection frequency.
  • Low battery, geo-fencing and connection type alerts.
  • Continuous power supply from the bicycle’s battery gives it a long range (when the main battery reaches 10% it stops supplying power).

Note: This product is only for BH Atom, Atom Brose and AtomX models

Locator app currenty only available for iOS


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