50cycles Team Profiles

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Scott and Tim, 50cycles Owners

Scott, CEO & Co-Owner

Tim, Director & Co-Owner

Inspired by living in Japan and looking for the future product to bring to the west. We found the Honda Step Compo in 2003 and it's been an exciting ride ever since. Electric bike technology has gathered pace over the past decade and a half and we have the best e-bikes right here on this website and in our showrrom.

50cycles has since introduced the first of many products over the years from electrically-assisted shoes to the very first e-bike, and possibly vehicle of any kind in the UK, with a Lithium battery.

Favourite E-Bike: It's hard to choose one, so I'm going to pick my past, present and future favourites. The Honda Step Compo was the first bike we imported and the first e-bike I rode. A fantastic little machine - we still have the original, 50cycles Bike No.1 on display in our London showroom.

Present favourite: Winora Yakun - I've been riding mine for nearly a year now and it's always been a joy. I like its Yamaha PW-X motor, excellent lights, rugged construction and amazing looks.

Future favourite: I'm really looking forward to riding the road legal Ubco 2x2 Utility bike. It's an all-wheel drive electric motorcycle with endless scope for modification. It's a completely different class of vehicle and will find its home on farms, conservation areas, estates and even city roads soon.

How long have you worked at 50cycles? Since the beginning. Fifteen years later, we've solds tens of thousands of ebikes as far afield as Réunion in the Indian Ocean, the Galapagos Islands, the Russian Far East and to customers in all parts of the UK.

Loughborough (Head office)

Matt, General Manager - Loughborough

Michael, Senior Sales Consultant - Loughborough

MattFavourite E-Bike: at the moment is the Scott E Genius 700 tuned, firstly I think it looks the business and it does the business. If you are looking for the best E Mountain bike this is the one. Does everything you need and I love the Twinloc system. I am also excited about our new Toba ebikes that we have developed over the winter coming very soon, amazing bikes at amazing prices.

How long have you worked at 50cycles? for over 6 years. I am the General Manager keeping everything running smoothly. I have been in the cycle trade since leaving school and have experience in every part of the business. But my favourite job is in the workshop, working on bikes of any kind. I love working here as we have a great team at 50cycles and is a joy to come to work.

Background & Hobbies Bicycles have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. All I ever wanted to do was ride bikes. I raced all over the UK and Europe with some success, once I won my weight in meat. I grew up in South London but now live in Nottingham. I also love all kinds of Music and Film. Enjoy Food and traveling.

Mike Favourite E-bike: I really like the Scott E-Genius 730 as it's a great value full-sus mountain bike with quality components that feels natural and light weight compared to other full-sus e-MTB's on the market.

How long have you worked at 50cycles? 10 months. Senior Sales Consultant. I like the fact we have a shower for cleaning up before work after commuting into the office.

Background & Hobbies Eight years in the bike industry doing everything from mechanic work, retail selling, publishing and marketing. Cycling, though mostly enjoy spending time with my son.

Joseph, Customer Resolution Manager- Loughborough

Alex, Operations & Warehouse Manager - Loughborough

Favourite E-bike is the Giant Quick E.  Its quick from the first pedal and gets you up to speed in the blink of an eye.  Once you reach the motor cut off point you hardly notice the assist stop.  I like that the battery is integrated in the frame giving the bike a look of a normal bike.  Other cool features of this bike is that it comes fully kitted out ready to commute, lights, pannier rack and 27.5 x2 tires which are ready to tackle the worst roads.
How long have you worked at 50cycles? I have worked for 50cycles for 3 years running the After-Sales and warranty department.  Its a great fit for me.  I enjoy bikes, bikes, and more bikes.  The 50+ mile commute isn't bad either.
Background & Hobbies I originate from Columbia Missouri, and have resided here in the Nottingham area for almost 11 years.  When not working you will find me riding my bike.  If I am not riding my bike then you will find me spending as much time with my son and wonderful partner.

AlexFavourite E-Bike would have to be the Toba Beat Bike. Out of the E-bikes I have been on this feels very well built and very strong. The motor pulls the bike away from a standing start excellently and makes the whole bike feel like a top of the range high price bike. Very impressed.

How long have you worked at 50cycles? I have been with the company for 8 years now. I have seen the company grow from a small industrial unit to a big warehouse and offices ( central hub ), and many shops around the country.

Background & Hobbies My favourite hobbies would have to be Cycling , Fishing, Judo and being a DJ when I am not doing my work for charity.

David, Workshop Manager- Loughborough

DavidFavourite E-Bike Definitely the Riese & Muller Supercharger, the build quality of their bikes is exceptional and with a top speed of 28mph, space for an extra battery for increased range and the well thought out specification this would be my ultimate E-Bike, Oh and it looks stunning too !!

How long have you worked at 50cycles? since November 2017 as the Workshop Manager at our Loughborough base, I have spent most of my working life in the bicycle trade running shops but I couldn't resist the chance to join the team at 50 cycles.

It's a dream job for me as it lets me indulge my greatest passion which is building and repairing bicycles and I get to work on bikes that are at the very cutting edge on a daily basis with a bunch of people who feel more like family than workmates.

Background + Hobbies: I love cycling and when I am not working on bikes I am usually out riding with my local club or having a bit of dirty fun doing cyclocross racing during the winter. I am looking forward to riding up Mt Ventoux in May to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support



Harry, London Manager

Fabiano, Workshop Manager - London

HarryFavourite E-bike is the Riese & Muller Tinker. Riese & Muller have some amazing bikes but the one that I have been most excited to get my hands on was the Tinker. When it arrived in the showroom and we had it set up the bike looked even more impressive in person. After a short test ride around the area, I pretty much wanted one straight away, can't remember having that much fun on a bike riding around the streets.
How long have you worked at 50cycles? I have worked for 50cycles for 2years 6months now and my current position is the London (Twickenham) showroom manager. I enjoy working in a market that is growing so rapidly. I work alongside my colleague Fabiano (the mechanic in Twickenham) who is great to work with and the staff in the other locations are always looking to help each other across the company. We stock some amazing bikes and its great to be a part of. 
Background & Hobbies I grew up and have lived in London my whole life. Sport is my biggest passion, I was born with a rugby ball in my hand and have played since the age of 5, on and off for the last year. I enjoy Photography as a side passion and try to fit in as many long weekend cycles with friends as I can. The next planned trip is to cycle over to Amsterdam from London.
FabianoFavourite E-bike My favourite bike is the Scott E-Genius 710, I love the way it looks with the integrated battery and the feel of the ride is incredible, great for some fun on the weekends or some very serious riding.

How long have you worked at 50cycles?
 I have been at 50cycles just under 6months and I have really enjoyed my time so far, we stock some of the best E-bikes on the market and being the head mechanic in Twickenham its a great pleasure to work with these bikes. 

Background & Hobbies  I was born in Brazil, I am also half Italian and have lived in the U.K for around 12 years. I have worked with bikes for 10 years now, part of this time as a Cycle Trainer and have also been involved with the community doing mechanic tutoring and cycle safety inspection for the local London Boroughs. 


Luis, Bristol Manager

Paul, Worksop Manager

ReeceFavourite E-bike I love the new design of the new Scott E-genius range. The progressive suspension system helps the pedalling and it's interactions do not hinder braking. Without a doubt, it has been for many years my choice of enduro electric bicycles. To go to work, my favourite option is the Cube Cross Hybrid Race Allroad 500. A sensible bike with a lovely Bosch motor which gives you the best performance

How long have you worked at 50cycles? 7 months working as a mechanic and salesman, helping clients to choose the bicycle of their dreams.

Background & Hobbies: I have been in the cycling sector for more than 15 years. I started riding in regional races close to my city and I ended up falling in love with the enduro and the descent tracks. I am lucky to be able to dedicate myself to my passion and be surrounded by bicycles. I worked for 3 years at Scott Spain managing social networks and doing marketing campaigns and events. This connects me much more with the spiritual meaning of the word "cycling". Even more in 50cycles, where I was able to discover the world of electric bicycles and all their potential to go faster and farther.

Passionate about the bicycle and photography. When they come together, it's fantastic.

PaulFavourite E-bike My favourite bike is the Cube Allroad Cross Hybrid Race. The bike is very light and fast. I have hybridised the bike with a Summit AX rack so I can fit panniers, and a Battery sock to keep the battery at a constant temperature. This does increase the mileage too.

How long have you worked at 50cycles? I have been at 50cycles just over 7 months. I started as the Bristol mechanic and then moved over to the shop manager. I love to cycle and enjoy helping people choose the right bike for them to be able to have the same enjoyment. Electic bikes do make the whole world flatter.

Background & Hobbies:  I was born in Guildford. I have lived for some time in Spain. In my free time, i look for a perfectly serviceable mountain to throw myself down, most of the time on a bike. On Wednesday night i help out at the Bristol Bike project. this allows me to give back to my community by helping people who need a bike.


Charles, Manager Shoreham & Website Content Manager

CharlesFavourite E-bike My favourite E-bike is the Cube STEREO HYBRID 140 HPA 27.5+. Oh, because I own one. I live on the South Downs and every opportunity I can get on and ride, jump, fall, and live the talk, I’m out there. That intense combination of nature and adrenaline rush gets to me every time.  Cube make riders bikes with amazing geometry and nothing flash just pure fun.

How long have you worked at 50cycles? Being one of the oldest members of staff, remembering has become more difficult but way back when I started with 50cycles 3 years 9 months ago now. My current position is the manager of the Shoreham showroom. Not to blow my own trumpet but 50cycles Shoreham has nearly 50 five star Google reviews now, and that’s about the pride that we have in the service we give. 

Contrary to popular belief it’s not only the young whiz kids that are good with computers I also have the task at 50cycles of Website Content Manager. 

Background & Hobbies I come from owning my own vineyard in France so the transferable skills of straightening out viticultural equipment with sledgehammers come in very handy when working on some of the bikes we have to deal with. Apart from electric mountain biking I race in sailing regattas of the South Coast most Sundays and love walking in my native Wales. Oh yes, I’ve just taken up Kitesurfing to hurt my self in new ways.